Welcome to the little patchwork company, home of beautiful, unique handmade patchwork quilts. All quilts lovingly made by me to a high standard using 100% cotton fabric with patterns/designs created by me. I always keep a number of quilts in stock which are available through the website in my etsy store.

However should like my work but not find something that meets your needs then I also offer a bespoke service which works as follows:

  1. Find a design/pattern on one of my previous works that you like in my portfolio.
  2. Email me with the size of blanket and the name of previous quilt made.
  3. I will then confirm how much patterned material is required and the price for the work; I will provide the backing and main background material unless otherwise agreed.
  4. You can then select and purchase your own patterned material for your bespoke blanket (it must be 100% cotton and of a similar weight to that used in a normal duvet cover).
  5. Once I receive your fabric, I will check it then confirm an estimated completion date.
  6. Once complete you will receive images of the final product and make payment.
  7. I will then send you your unique bespoke patchwork quilt.

The reason I do it like this is because it is very difficult to judge the actual colours of fabrics just by sending images, it will also give you a sense of involvement in the final product and you can match exactly to your room, bedding, etc.

I look forward to working with you!